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Prof. Asoc.Dr. Mentor Alishani


Dear students

Friends and loved ones of the University “Ukshin Hoti” in Prizren

Ladies and gentleman,

I have the honor and pleasure to welcome you to the official website of the University “Ukshin Hoti” in Prizren.

The primary mission of the University of Prizren is quality education and training of young people. We aim to achieve this sacred mission by creating genuine cadres, who will be promoters of change both at home and abroad.

The Rectorate and the academic staff of this University, first of all, are responsible for the creation of new value systems, in particular in education, science, and culture, which represent the main pillar for the development and prosperity of future generations.

The University of Prizren is a new institution (01.10.2010) but the first stones in the establishment of this University have been placed since the opening of the pedagogical high school in 1962. This University, its activity develops in two cycles of studies: basic and those of the master with a program, while next academic year we intend to open several master programs and later those of the doctorate. It is worth mentioning that students from three communities are involved in this University, therefore the teaching is conducted in three languages: Albanian, Turkish and Bosnian.

Our university offers all citizens services and study opportunities to be qualified experts. Increasing the quality of academic services, perfecting the level of teaching and research are the goal of our University. The goal and continuous effort of the management and the academic staff of this University, like any educational institution, is to offer a quality service to all students. Increasing the quality of service, perfecting the level of teaching and research is achieved through continuous communication with students.

Dear students, Our University is a promoter of student representation by promoting the functioning of the Student Parliament as an independent student body and their involvement in the decision-making process. Therefore, your active participation in public debates contributes to the development of the University as a more progressive and avant-garde part of our society.

The leaders of the University will pay special attention to the cooperation with other Universities, such as the country, the region and beyond. Our University also cooperates with other educational institutions as well as the private sector for the needs of the realization of the practical work of our students, where at the same time the possibilities of creating jobs for graduate students of our University are explored. Also, we will pay special attention to the organization of scientific activities and manifestations, symposia, tribunes, debates, in which case some of them will be realized in cooperation with other educational institutions from the country and abroad.

I wish you all success!

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