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Curriculum Development

Evaluation at the faculty and study programs level

The academic units through the Quality Assurance Central bodies at the Faculty level, in coordination with the Quality Assurance Office and the Quality Assurance Central Committee, are managing the quality assurance process within the study programs;

The evaluation carried out for meeting the European Standards of the Programs should include information on:

  • The quality of teaching and learning;
  • The quality of research-scientific work;
  • Perceptions of the graduates about the quality of studies;
  • Employers’ perceptions about the graduates quality;
  • The quality of student services;
  • Organizational quality and management culture;

Application for new study programs:

Application for new study programs is carried out by applying the quality assurance criteria set out in this Regulation;

Application for a new study program can be completed after a proper study of reasonableness (feasibility), and in accordance with the objectives of the strategic plan of the University;

Reasoning for opening of a study program is provided through a Feasibility Report,

The report shall be adopted in the Senate, and the final decision is taken by the University Management after verifying the suitability of the study program.

The Reasoning Report of the new study program should contain:

  • Studying the labour market demand;
  • Profile of the study program;
  • Suitability to the strategic plan of the University;
  • Suitability with the National Education Strategy;
  • Suitability with the trends of European and world education.