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Center for Teaching Excellence

Prof. Assoc. Dr. Sermin Turtulla – Coordinator


Administrative Council of the Center for Excellence in Teaching

1.1. Prof. Assoc. Dr. Albana Milaimi – Chairperson;

1.2. Prof. Asst. Dr. Venet Shala – member:

1.3. Prof. Asst. Dr. Zirije Hasani – member;

1.4. Prof. Assoc. Dr. Vedat Bajrami – member;

1.5. Prof. Assoc. Dr. Muharem Faiku – member:

1.6. Prof. Asst. Dr. Iir Krusha – member;

1.7. Prof. Asst. Dr. Faruk Bojaxhi – member;

1.8. Nora Rada – member:

1.9. Fatlind Tredhaku (Student) – member.

The Center for Excellence in Teaching (CPM) aims to raise and strengthen academic capacities as well as promote a culture of excellence in teaching and learning.

Through its activities, QPM contributes to the advancement of the quality of teaching and learning towards increasing the competitiveness, mobility and integrity of the academic staff of “Ukshin Hoti” University in Prizren.

QPM bodies

QPM, in order to develop its work, has its own bodies which are:

  • Administrative council;
  • Council of trainers;
  • Coordinator